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You are ready to do what it takes to live your greatness. Are you tired of struggling to Manifest your Dreams and Big Vision? 

The Secret to accessing the Quantum Space within you, so you can manifest anything you truly desire. 



To build your dreams, fulfill your desires, and activate your potential, so you can breakthrough obstacles & powerfully transform how you live life and conduct your business.

The Quantum Transformation formula is an 8-part Online interactive Training Course with international change agent and conscious transformation teacher, Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.

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*8 Online Training Videos*

*3 Training Webinars with Dr. Bullard*

*2 Vibrational Alchemy Bonus Videos*

*1 Creative Alchemy Guided Audio Meditation*

*Plus Several Other Downloads and Tools for Integration and Support*

Do you feel like you have more hidden greatness & potential within you, but are falling short of being fully connected to it & really living it?

Are you ready to learn a “Secret Technique” that will change everything?

Is there something brewing deep within, with a yearning to let it out?

What is this burning missing piece deep within you?

How do you go about shifting it?

How do you harness its power for your greater potential?

Do you ever wonder if the disconnection you feel is distancing your from the things you truly desire?

Well, science actually proves that this is so…

Image of human hand holding bulb with earth planet inside. Eleme


  • Feeling tired of struggling to manifest your Big Dreams and Vision
  • Sensing something is still missing in your life and wanting to get more clear about your purpose and direction
  • Feeling uncertain about how to create a life path and career that thrills you and best utilizes your natural strengths and gifts
  • Having a nagging sense of longing from knowing that there is more to life, but still seems to be eluding you
  • Feeling embarrassed that your decision making hasn’t been coming from the highest place..And you know that there is something more you can do- you must do
  • Wanting to make a more impactful contribution to your business, community, relationships, or our World...but you just don’t know how

How I Discovered a "Secret Technique" That Changed Everything

Theresa Bullard, Ph.D. 

International Conscious Leadership Advocate; Founder of Quantra Leadership Academy; Creator of Quantum Transformation Formula

See, I experienced all this myself. That sense of discomfort and like something was missing relentlessly gnawed at me for way too long. Then one day the answers came to me with crystal clarity, and these answers lay at the foundation of what I teach and why I teach it.

By combining my backgrounds in physics & spirituality I have developed a rapid approach to help people like you make breakthroughs, manifest your vision, and get into creating a better, more fulfilling's called the Quantum Transformation Formula, and it’s a blueprint for living a life of greatness.

Because I am a scientist, I was searching for something deeper that had true understanding. Yet it also had to be grounded and practical, AND intuitively resonate with me.

What I discovered was an ancient tradition that had been developed over thousands of years. It was secretly used by some of the most influential and successful of people – people that helped shape our world today. In a very simple and practical way, this ancient tradition blended together science, consciousness, and spirituality as one.

As I worked with these ancient teachings myself, and at the same time actively being immersed in the world of modern science, I came to realize the keys to uniting the discoveries o Quantum Physics, Consciousness, Spirituality, and Ancient Alchemy. By combining these key discoveries together into an integrated whole, I developed a "secret technique" that changed everything for me. This technique is truly a revolutionary formula for transformation and manifestation, and I am very excited to share it with you.

By combining these key discoveries together into an integrated whole, I developed a "secret technique" that changed everything for me. This technique is truly a revolutionary formula for transformation and manifestation, and I am very excited to share it with you.


In this 8 Week Online and  Interactive Training, You are guided through the 7-step Quantum Transformation Formula. You'll discover how you can use it to powerfully re-create your life and Breakthrough any obstacle.


  • Experience more freedom and flow in your life as you discover how to work smarter and get time to be on your side more.
  • Expand your capacities to manifest your vision, make breakthroughs, and creatively solve problems.
  • Create a meaningful career and life path that thrills you.
  • Become more fulfilled as you connect with your greater self and make a greater impact.
  • Enhance your clarity, awaken your intuition, and make better decisions from a place of higher consciousness.
  • Be a part of the next great wave of game changers who are Quantum Transforming their lives and our world.



Introducing the Concepts of Quantum Transformation

Here we will discuss what has influenced our ways of thinking, how it limits us, and what we can do to break free into a new mindset, a Quantum Mindset. We’ll also introduce some basic concepts of Alchemy that will be used in this training for accelerating your transformation.


Dialing-in Your Vision

Understand how to create your Vision using the Quantum Principles to hyper-focus like a laser and make it manifest. You cannot do what you cannot see.


Accessing Higher Consciousness

Illuminate by Raising your Vibration, and actually shifting into a higher state of Consciousness. “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must see the world anew.


Tapping the Quantum Gap

Experience Stillness. Accessing “the Gap.” This is where you discover how to dive into those Quantum Principles for Life. How to tap into the Gap, where the Quantum Space becomes accessible using the 4 Quantum Keys of harnessing vast potential.


Igniting the Spark to make a Breakthrough

Plant your Seed and Ignite the Spark for making Creative Breakthroughs. You discover how to not only catalyze a Creative Breakthrough when you need it, you also discover how to access truly new ideas for solving any problem that may arise.


How to Harness the Observer Effect

You discover the quantum phenomenon that affects all of us, and it is one of the most enigmatic aspects of Quantum Physics, called the Observer Effect.


Creating a Powerful Plan

At this point you know how to open the field of possibilities of your clarified vision, and you collapsed it picking what you desired. Now you create a plan of what to do, how you can do it, and the different ways to manifest it. Your practical blueprint is formulated here.


Attracting Success

Discover how to fully envision yourself, with your senses fully engaged, taking the actions, reaping the rewards, and seeing the effects of your success!!


Vibrational Alchemy

Tap into how Music & specific Rhythms and Frequencies can be harnessed to support your expanded states of consciousness. Discover the power of solfeggio frequencies, brainwave entrainment, and learn what parts of the brain are we trying to access, and how we can accomplish actual alchemy in your body.

Be a Part of Our Community

We are a community committed to accelerating human evolution towards a thriving era of imagination, innovation and sustainability. By combining science, consciousness, and new paradigm alchemy, we activate a higher level of consciousness and a deeper sense of purpose. We are all developing consciously for a better today and an even better tomorrow.

When you register for the Quantum Transformation Formula YOU RECEIVE:

Eight Online Training Videos ( $376 Value) (~30 Minutes Each)

Each Module gives you easy and practical steps to follow, guiding you through the 7-step Quantum Transformation Formula

All these exercises are designed in such a way that you can easily fit them into your day in small increments to help you harness your time and energy most efficiently and keep the peak state flowing throughout your day

Two Vibrational Alchemy Online Training Bonus Video ($99 Value)

Discover How Music & Oscillatory Rhythm and Frequency can be utilized through modern technology to support your expanded state of consciousness.

Learn about what parts of the brain we are trying to access and how you can accomplish actual alchemy in your body.

Three Archived Webinars with Dr. Bullard ($197 Value)

Listen to Dr. Theresa Bullard as she goes deeper into your application of the Quantum Transformation Formula through three 60 minute webinars that were recorded live.

One Creative Alchemy Guided Audio ($25 Value)

Leads you through the Quantum Transformation Formula as a guided meditation process, supported by brain wave entrainment and solfeggio frequencies. Boost your creative faculties. Enhance your process of accessing heightened states of consciousness. Manifest your greatness!

Plus Other Bonus Tools ($40 Value)

Extra audio tools and worksheets that support the integration of each of the steps to the Quantum Transformation Formula. 

Total Training Value $737
Limited Time Offer for the Full Online Training: $297

Theresa Bullard Ph.D.

Conscious Leadership Advocate; Founder of Quantra Leadership Academy; Creator of Quantum Transformation Formula

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here - Welcome & Bonuses

    • Intro & Busting Out of the Old Paradigm

    • Bonus Lesson – Vibrational Alchemy Part A

    • Bonus Lesson - Vibrational Alchemy Part B

  • 2

    STEP 1

    • Step 1 - Dialing Your Vision

    • Vision Integration Assignment

  • 3

    STEP 2

    • Step 2 - Illumination

    • Accessing Illumination - Guided Audio Meditation

  • 4

    QTF Webinar 1

    • Webinar 1

  • 5

    STEP 3

    • Step 3 - Stillness

    • Bonus Exercise - Connecting to the Gap

  • 6

    STEP 4

    • Step 4 - Ignition

    • Creative Advantage Exercise - Guided Audio Tool

  • 7

    QTF Webinar 2

    • Webinar 2

  • 8

    STEP 5

    • Step 5 - Outburst

    • Track 1 Creative Alchemy Intro Lesson

    • Track 2 Creative Alchemy Meditation

    • Track 3 Creative Alchemy Follow-up Tips

  • 9

    STEP 6

    • Step 6 - Nexus

    • Nexus - Handout

  • 10

    STEP 7

    • Step 7 - Success

  • 11

    QTF Webinar 3

    • Final Webinar